the floor brand quality is good
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valuable after the market is cultivated You have a lawsuit with him,pvc wood grain panels and now we are fighting lawsuits with the United States and Anji on the Chinese floor. Intellectual property was originally a very good thing to protect your business, your investment in R \u0026 D and investment, and to protect you by law. For example, China is very respectful of people. China first bought a Swedish lock. Although it cost a million, he told me that Dazhuang was the first Chinese company to buy this technology and I went to see him.This reminds consumers not to buy the floor price of less than 70 yuan / square meter. boat interior wall panelsSome consumers do not fully understand this. The relevant

departments to strengthen the floor, wooden floor quality sampling showed that most qualified are some brand-name products at reasonable prices, while the unqualified are mostly unknown floor products.synthetic board and batten siding In order to reduce the cost of these products using unqualified, non-environmentally friendly adhesives, the use of poor quality substrates, unqualified wear-resistant layer and cheap quality decorative paper,application molded wpc in auto industry resulting in product formaldehyde emissions greatly exceeded, the product's wear resistance can not be achieved Requirements, the product's moisture resistance and even delamination and other serious quality problems. Self-test method to

strengthen the floor: take a small piece of floor,wpc gazebo flooring board with sandpaper on the surface friction, poor quality products will soon be worn out revealing decorative paper; sawing open the floor, observe the cross-section substrate color and smell, color was Wood color,wooden fence panels with windows can smell the smell of wood without special pungent odor products are qualified products. Consumer Tips: Should go to the formal building materials market to buy the floor, the best choice for large-scale, high-profile brand-name products with quality assurance system certification; the second is to see the product manual or test report, compare the product's cost performance; three Is to ask for

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