first to attract you marble floor tile is its beautiful
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completion, with a trowel for polishing to achieve the process is completed; 6, evenly coated ground curing agent. Second, wearable floor purchase notes 1, wear-resistant rotation: the floor is an important indicator of strength, divided into the initial rotation (1P). The average number of revolutions (A T) The final number of revolutions (ET), the selection of the floor should be selected when

comparing the same number of indicators. 2, water resistance: it is advisable to make drip experiments with different sample blocks, check whether the skin from the skin, swelling. 3, should check the floor of the mouth, Ficus processing quality, and the back of the board moisture-proof anti-corrosion coating material is full. Wearable floor construction technology, over a small family to share

finished, I hope we wear floor installation help. For more information on the surface decoration materials, please continue to pay attention to every home renovation network.Marble floor tile is made of marble floor tiles, this floor tiles durable, beautiful and generous, long service life, popular consumer favorite. Let's take a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of marble floor tiles.

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