This winter
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Datum: 12. September 2019 04:09

This winter feels so long, the total period is about to pass, maybe this winter of this year, the heavens are too embarrassing for the humans, and many snowflakes that mark the winter. There is no rain and snow, and there is a dry prejudice in the heart in winter. Therefore, this winter I wrapped myself thick thick quilts and winter clothes to resist the cold wind and the low temperature of the world. The little heat gained in the moment to get the temporary warmth is the night, in the plot and character that I am trying to tell the story that may not be actually interpreted Online Cigarettes, the outdoor seems to have a rhythmic snoring that is not in a hurry. In-ear, oh, it��s raining when I foresee it in my one-and-a-half-dish snack! This is a veritable spring rain, not anxious, she is not like the summer rain in June, no lightning flashing, not even with the gust of wind that destroys everything and makes people feel a sense of anxiety, the spring rain does not raging wind and electricity, She didn't have any indication of her arrival in advance. She was silent, with delicate steps, and stroking all things with a soft woman's hand. It was like a serenade, which made you feel enchanted, no summer rain. The wandering, people can't sleep at night, Xia Yu makes people feel scared, autumn rain is even more scarred, and spring rain has no such feelings, she can let us sprout hope, life, ideals, feelings, Let it pass away, let it be forgotten in the bottom of my heart, forget it in the spring rain like a nocturne! Who is willing to send out his short life in sadness and depression? The flower has been budded, the wood has been budded, the water has been rippling, the mountain is covered with dark green, the body and mind of you and the ordinary people, are you willing to deeply lock in this winter of sorrow and indifference? Go to the spring breeze and bathe your sadness! Go to the spring rain and wash your troubles! Of course, when the flowers bloom and the green is coming Newport Cigarettes Coupons, let's go to Haruno and let go! Perhaps, we can turn into Nanyan of Beigui Marlboro Gold, and regain our ideals of decay and the future. Related articles: Cigarettes Online


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