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Many horse racing fans sometimes win at horse racing, but they are still losing money in the end; while those a few professional horseplayers continue to fatten their wallets.

You might say to yourself, “Are there any secrets?” Jumping straight to the conclusion, we say, “Yes. But the clues are not that mysterious. They are simple enough that anyone can put them to use.”

Like most of the experienced horse racing fans, Jennifer Chen, who is the 73 year-old mother of one of our handicapping team members, usually picks the winning horses well.

She has enjoyed horse racing as a hobby for almost 30 years and her handicapping results are often better than those of professional handicappers. However, on most days, she seldom if ever wins – taking home almost empty purse.

Fortunately, she never brings more than $200 and she doesn’t use an ATM card at the racetrack. But on those very rare lucky days, she hits a big Trifecta and takes home several hundred dollars – smiling and shopping at a grocery market on the way home.

On the other hand, Jennifer’s son, Kenny, makes a solid income from horse racing.

He is one of our horse racing handicapping team members, who has taken on horse racing as his daily job. Even a few years ago, he was a small business owner as well as a recreational racing fan.

After a long history of losing in horse racing betting, he figured out the winning strategies for himself and finally invented his unique betting systems.

Naturally, he changed his job to professional horseplayer and has had successful years. And, now he is living a new life.

Now, let’s find out the differences in these two players’ betting styles.

If you don’t care about spending some money for horse racing as your exciting hobby, you don’t have to be serious about it. However, if you want to make money while enjoying horse racing, you need to read this book very seriously. Read more at!

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