WoW Classic Herbalism Trainer Locations
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WoW Classic Herbalism Trainer Locations

The purpose of this guide is solely to display the locations of each Herbalism trainer in WoW Classic. Unlike crafting professions, gathering professions can be trained up to the maximum tier from any trainer across Azeroth. So yes, those trainers in Elwynn Forest and even Durotar can train you to be a true professional Herbalist.To get more news about cheap wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Herbs are used almost exclusively in Alchemy, though there are some odd-off exceptions.

Most who train in Herbalism tend to pick Alchemy up along with it, as there's not much money to be made in gathering herbs until the higher tiers of the profession. There are plenty of useful potions to be made in the early and mid-levels of Alchemy, however.Enchanting doesn't get a lot of attention in the early levels, but later on, it becomes a valuable part of the World of Warcraft economy. It is a worthy effort for those looking for a slightly more active profession.

Here, we're simply going to go over the locations for each Enchanting trainer in WoW Classic for both Horde and Alliance. I don't touch on the exact title of each trainer NPC, but instead focus on the minimum level to learn the next tier from them.

Prospective Enchanters may be disappointed to hear that the artisan-level NPC they have to speak to in order to level Enchanting above 200 is found in the Uldaman dungeon, rather than out on the field like most others.

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