dafenqi has released two new expensive electric motorcycles!
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Datum: 19. October 2021 06:58

dafenqi has released two new expensive electric motorcycles!

More video platforms, |EQBLab /B, iMOTOR tiktok, and Dafen, riding the brand of technology, will become the potential brand of domestic brands. On July 17, DaVinci tech Dafen riding Power Technology (hereinafter referred to as Dafen riding power) held 2021 DaVinci Tech Open Day in Beijing and officially released its pure electric heavy-duty locomotive DC100 and DC classic. The prices of the two vehicles were 177700 yuan and 577700 yuan respectively.To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The DC100 announced earlier has finally unveiled its mystery. As disclosed earlier, this new car has excellent performance. Official data show that the maximum power of DC100 can reach 100.75 kW (137 HP), the maximum torque is 850nm, the acceleration of 100km is more than 3 seconds, and the top speed is 200km / h.

With ternary lithium battery pack, it supports high voltage platform and high rate charge and discharge. Its NEDC range is 400.75km and wltp range is 357.51km. DC100 will be charged by fast charging, which can be fully charged in about 30 minutes.

In terms of configuration, DC100 is equipped with Brembo m4.30 four piston caliper, Brembo MCS direct push pump and Ohlins shock absorber. Equipped with exclusive DaVinci app, it also realizes mobile phone unlocking locomotive and keyless start. In addition, DC100 can obtain real-time vehicle condition information, locate vehicle location and support remote vehicle system upgrading through global communication.

It can also be learned that the seat height of this car is 795 ~ 815mm and the kerb weight is 255kg. DC100 also has the performance experience of heavy-duty locomotives and the ability of robot perception, operation and execution. It aims to redefine two wheeled vehicles and open up a new category in the field of new energy.

It is understood that this car will be assembled by hand, and the configuration is also top-level, including Brembo gp4 caliper, Brembo RCS direct push pump, Dyneema carbon fiber sleeve, customized Ohlins front and rear shock absorbers, French calfskin manual cushion and so on. Since the Internet brand led by Mavericks successfully entered the electric two wheel industry and gradually gained a firm foothold, many emerging electric vehicle brands with the labels of "new technology" and "differentiation" have been born in recent years. It can be said that among these brands, Dafen riding is rare to achieve both real technology and difference. In the future global competition, technology brands such as dafenqi may become "potential stocks" of domestic brands.

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