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Stablecoins’ Primacy Drives Rules Campaign, Treasury’s Liang Says

Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance Nellie Liang said U.S. financial regulators have focused on stablecoins because of the central role theyve begun playing in the world of cryptocurrencies.To get more news about NEO, you can visit official website.   “We believe theyre kind of foundational to crypto and future crypto services,” Liang said Thursday during a virtual event sponsored by the Institute of International Finance.   “They‘re being used mostly for crypto trading currently. They also have the potential and have started to be used for payments -- and may be widely used for payments, and that raises a whole set of issues that the President’s Working Group wanted to focus on,” she said.   The PWG is a group of regulators led by the Treasury that includes the heads of several federal agencies. Its aiming to issue a report on stablecoins, which are tied to the value of a sovereign currency, by the end of the month.   The PWGs efforts will focus on four areas, Liang said:   Consumer and investor protection   Regulation to prevent financial crimes   Regulations to protect the integrity of the payments system   Protecting the stability of the overall financial system   Liang said the group would issue a report “in a few weeks.”   For more blockchain news, please download WikiBit- the Global Blockchain Regulatory Inquiry APP.

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