UV Flashlights (Ultraviolet)
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UV Flashlights (Ultraviolet)

Ultraviolet UV flashlights are useful in leak detection, forensics, pest control, HVAC, authenticated money and documents and more. UV light will cause things to fluoresce. UV output is measured in nanometers or nm and the output specification usually ranges from 365 to 400 nm. A higher number designates more visible light. Most UV flashlights work best in low light conditions, and you normally have about a 1 to 3 foot range.Get more news about High Power Uv Pen Light,you can vist our website!

The QUANTUM® rechargeable pen light features a 3-in-1 design with an ultra-bright COB LED light strip, pen light, and UV light for leak detection. The 200 lumen output and slim design make this rechargeable pen light ideal for inspecting tight narrow areas. The lightweight, precision crafted aluminum housing is designed for use in harsh environments. The spring steel pocket clip keeps the light secure in your pocket or tool bag. Ideal for identifying counterfeit currency, locating leaks in systems that use fluorescent dyes, and detecting scorpions in dark areas.

Ultra-bright COB LED light strip for 200 lumen output UV light provides easy leak detection Magnetic base Up to 100 ft. range Strong aluminum housing for durability Spring steel pocket clip for secure carry Rechargeable from any powered USB port using included micro-USB cable

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