Plate heat exchanger parts and service
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Plate heat exchanger parts and service

You can trust Alfa Laval's onsite turnkey service technicians to repair and recondition your gasketed plate heat exchangers – no matter the brand. With over 500,000 parts in stock at our centrally-located distribution center in Indiana, we also have your parts needs covered. We’ve serviced equipment for over 125 years and recondition over 86,000 plates every year in the US. Five of our local service centers are outfitted with the equipment and expertise to optimize the performance of your gasketed plate heat exchangers.Get more news about Alfa Laval Phe Gaskets,you can vist our website!

We bring the tools, knowledge and personnel so you can get on with your day and leave the service to us.

“I wish we would have hired you from the start.”

We hear this all the time from customers that switch to Alfa Laval from another gasketed plate heat exchanger service provider. Why? Because we don’t rest until we know your problems are solved.

Other service providers only focus on fixing the immediate problem. With over 125 years of service experience, our team of advisors go beyond the quick fix and focus fixing your equipment for the long haul. This is why we want you to think of us as not just a heat exchanger manufacturer, but as The Plate Heat Exchanger Service Company you can count on.Two of the most common reasons for decreased efficiency in heat exchangers are old gaskets that cause external leakage and deposits such as scaling, which lower the heat transfer and eventually clog the channels. By reconditioning your heat exchanger, you can solve these problems.

At Alfa Laval’s well-equipped service centers, our experienced technicians remove gaskets and scaling with specialized tools and chemicals. This prevents corrosion and creates an ideal surface for re-gasketing – without you having to handle the chemicals or waste. In addition, we thoroughly examine your heat exchangers, correcting any sealing problems or deformities. These services ensure your equipment continues to deliver high efficiency and optimal performance.

Plate heat exchanger frame repair service includes inspection, refurbishment, replacement of connection linings, and replacement of bolts or other frame parts. While reconditioning plates must take place at one of our service centers, some frame repairs can be performed onsite.

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