What Makes Polypropylene Bags Suitable for Rice Packaging?
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What Makes Polypropylene Bags Suitable for Rice Packaging?

Polypropylene (PP) rice bags are commonly used to store, package, and transport rice grains. Rice is an important food grain accounting for the sustenance of approximately 50% of the world’s population. It is necessary to understand the food chemistry of such a food grain that is widely consumed throughout the world. Based on the physical, chemical, and physiological properties of rice, suitable packaging for rice is devised. Any shortcoming in storing, packaging, and transporting rice can cause spoilage of the food grain, and thereby, cause food shortage in the country.Get more news about types of rice packaging bags,you can vist our website!

Woven bags manufacturer decides the best-suited packaging material for rice based on the inherent properties of rice. Rice absorbs moisture from the air; this moisture content is known as equilibrium relative humidity. If it is greater than 70% then rice will have mold growth. Respiration in rice grains causes heating that encourages insect and/or molds growth. The immediate environment of the grains also determines the packaging requirements for rice grains. Moisture condensation, high temperature, and high oxygen concentration near rice grains can hamper the quality of the grains.

Appropriate packaging for rice should be a good barrier to moisture and oxygenand have good insect-resistant properties. Packaging material with such properties will protect rice from spoilage. In addition, the packaging material should be able to sustain the mechanical stress that occurs during transport and storage. The material should not react with food and be in line with established food laws. From the business point of view, it should be readily available, recyclable or reusable, cost-effective, and easily turned into an attractive package.

PP woven fabric is a food-grade packaging material that can fulfill the necessary requirements to package rice grains. It has widespread use in making packaging bags, shopping bags, bulk storage bags, etc. This material was adopted in the packaging industry after the use of paper, jute, burlap, and rice straw bags. It emerged as the best packaging material for rice grains. Woven fabric is made by weaving the strips of PP in a weft and warp manner. The tubular fabric is then stitched to create packaging bags. Though polypropylene polymers imported in India, yet India is a leading exporter of manufactured polypropylene sacks.

Thus, bags made from polypropylene serve as an airtight sealed package that maintains the quality of rice grains by protecting them from oxygen, moisture, and infestation.

PP woven bags suppliers should purchase bags that conform to the IS 14887 and International Quality Standards in the case of export. In comparison to other plastics, polypropylene has worked out to be the cheapest. It has even overcome the shortcomings of traditional rice packaging bags. Bags made from PP can surely safeguard rice grains from environmental deterioration.

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