WATCH: Chuck Pagano goes on odd 'Groundhog Day' rant
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Whether it is overusing phrases, such as “chopping wood,” or using a filibuster to kill time, Pagano has had some interesting moments during his tenure. He may have hit a peak Monday when the media asked him about the several second-half collapses.

Pagano goes on an odd rant, comparing it to Bill Murray’s classic “Groundhog Day” where the character would wake up every day in a time loop on Feb. 2. Each morning the song “I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher would play and Pagano just about burst out into song when making his comparisons.

While it is funny to see Pagano go on these tangents, Colts fans, coaches and players find it maddening that the story of the season will be highlighted by their inability to finish games.

Sunday afternoon brought some clarity to the NFC playoff picture, with both the Panthers and Falcons winning and putting themselves in an excellent position to try and lock up the NFC wild cards and/or compete with the Saints for the division title.

But because they stepped up their game, it pushed a pair of teams far enough back that the playoffs are no longer attainable. Specifically, the Giants and 49ers, both of whom were bounced from the playoffs during the early portion of the games on Sunday.

The Giants were beat down by the Redskins on Thanksgiving and were effectively done, but they are mathematically eliminated now. The 49ers have one win -- over the Giants no less! -- and were not going to make the postseason anyway. Now,Authentic Mychal Kendricks Jersey, they definitely will not.

And the other team eliminated, well, you can probably guess if I told you it's an AFC team. Or maybe you would have already assumed that the Browns were mathematically eliminated before this week. Not true. They had a "Dumb & Dumber" type of chance before this week. Now they are done.

It's fascinating to think about these three teams and the long haul. The 49ers are firmly locked in with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan as GM and head coach. They have Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. There is some hope with that franchise.

The Browns have ... um, a lot of a draft picks! They have talent on defense,Authentic Vinny Curry Jersey, too. But they need to solve that pesky quarterback problem. That's first up for this offseason, although it's possible that Jimmy Haslam gets sick of Hue Jackson or gets sick of Sashi Brown and decides to blow things up again this offseason. Anything is on the table.

The Giants should look carefully at the Browns and realize just how dangerous things can get if they don't tread carefully. It feels likely New York will get rid of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese this offseason, but there's still a lot to be decided. Eli Manning's future is up in the air, too; the Giants have any number of different paths open to them moving forward.

Here's how the rest of the NFL playoff picture looks,Authentic Jason Kelce Jersey, as well as a snapshot of some games that could impact what it looks like after Week 12 and beyond.

Unless the Colts show a willingness to give Mack the ball more, he will not be startable in fantasy leagues. He's a high-upside handcuff and bench stash in case Frank Gore misses any time, and while he shouldn't be counted on down the stretch, and Mack is certainly an intriguing player. He has flashed this year,Authentic Donnie Jones Jersey, he should be owned in all leagues and will most likely be an exciting name in 2018 and beyond. Mack should not be started in any formats next week against the Jaguars.

Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and Oakland Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree have each been suspended for two games one day after the two players were ejected from Sunday's game for fighting.

Both players plan to appeal the suspensions. If upheld, Talib would be suspended for the Broncos' games against the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, while Crabtree would be suspended for the Raiders' games against the New York Giants and Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL vice president of operations Jon Runyan announced the suspensions Monday night, and each player was notified in writing. In his letter to Talib, Runyan referenced Talib ripping a chain off Crabtree's neck,Authentic Josh Kline Jersey, "aggressively'' removing Crabtree's helmet and throwing a punch, and the two players "reigniting'' the fight for a second confrontation. Runyan added, "Such actions have no place in this game, engender ill will between teams and lead to further confrontations.''

In his letter to Crabtree,Authentic Logan Ryan Jersey, Runyan cited the wide receiver for punching Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. in the stomach on the play that preceded the fight with Talib and said Crabtree's actions with Talib "triggered a melee and endangered various sideline and League personnel, including one of the Game Officials who was injured trying to maintain control of the situation.''

Earlier Monday, Broncos coach Vance Joseph called Talib's actions "unacceptable." Talib said he hoped the NFL would consider "how it started" before handing down any potential discipline.

Talib, Crabtree and Raiders guard Gabe Jackson were ejected with 11:47 remaining in the first quarter Sunday. Talib and Crabtree were ejected for fighting, and Jackson was ejected for making contact with an official.

Joseph said he addressed the incident at Monday's team meeting.

The Colts certainly turned in a better fantasy performance than they normally do, albeit against a Titans team that is not a particularly high-powered offense. The Colts are still a bottom-end D/ST unit for fantasy purposes, though they have some bright young stars that might make the unit more interesting next season. The improved play of Rashaan Melvin has been a big help to the secondary, but not enough to start the Colts in fantasy. Next week, the Colts travel to Jacksonville, in a game which they face a strong rushing attack. Leave them on the waiver wire.

There never has been a dull conversation that started with an innocent “Remember when?” Don’t believe me? Remember when … Beta vs. VCR was a thing? Remember when … George Clooney was on “Facts of Life”? Remember when … you picked out Christmas gifts from the Sears catalog?

Sure, I’m dating myself. But nostalgia is fun. One more: Remember when … Kareem Hunt was a fantasy dynamo? Yeah, that last one happened not too long ago. No, those were the days. Turns out, really. It just seems like ancient history.

Over the first three weeks of the season, Hunt averaged 32.2 fantasy points per game in points-per-reception formats and was among the top five running backs each week. That was way back in the time known as September. It was going to be impossible to sustain that level of success, but no one could have expected this type of drop-off, with one top-10 week.

It has been worse the past two weeks — he scored 10.7 and 3.6 respectively, which ranked 29th and 57th. This week against Buffalo was the most troubling — 17 yards on 11 carries and one catch for 9 yards, facing the second-worst defense against fantasy RBs.

But the future has a way of mirroring the past. And though we don’t see a return to the salad days of September, or “Cheers” reruns. They might not be as enjoyable as the first go-round, we can see, but refreshing nonetheless., hints that the former trend could come back to the fore. And unlike a newfound popularity of bell-bottoms or Chia pets, in the future, this revisit would be welcome — like commercials featuring He-Man

First, he still is averaging 4.8 yards per carry on the season, we’re not too worried about Hunt’s workload. During his sweet September stretch, which ranks in the top 10.,Womens Malcolm Jenkins Jersey, he was averaging fewer than 19 touches a game. That has risen to 20 since, despite just 12 on Sunday. Also

Though the Jets’ run defense isn’t likely to help Hunt get off the schneid this week, and the Dolphins appear in full quit mode. It is the easiest RB schedule in the league., the Chiefs’ schedule during the fantasy playoffs plays in Hunt’s favor. The Raiders and Chargers are among the four worst fantasy run defenses heading into Week 12

that could be great news for Hunt. Smith doesn’t often throw downfield,Womens Mychal Kendricks Jersey,Then there’s the other thing, but we don’t expect Mahomes would be as shy about it. Defending more of the field means more open space in the middle for Hunt., the quarterback thing. Alex Smith has struggled and taken heat during the Chiefs’ skid. If the team ever does decide to replace him with strong-armed rookie Patrick Mahomes II

So if Hunt’s recent fantasy woes have you longing for yestermonth, you should enjoy a satisfying rerun.,Womens Vinny Curry Jersey, just sit tight. In a couple of weeks

“Teen Titans Go!, Beast Boy and Cyborg,” which debuted on Cartoon Network in 2013, was a lighter,Womens Jason Kelce Jersey, and ran on Cartoon Network for five seasons beginning in 2003. New producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath brought in the same voice cast to reprise their roles on “Teen Titans Go!”, Starfire, funnier reboot of the original “Teen Titans” animated series. That one featured DC characters Robin, Raven

Scott Menville,Womens Donnie Jones Jersey,” was convinced Jelenic and Horvath now had him saying things that Robin would never say., who had voiced Robin the Boy Wonder for years on “Teen Titans

Jelenic said to just trust them. That trust has been rewarded as “Teen Titans Go!” airs the show’s 200th episode Friday and is considered one of Cartoon Network’s biggest, airing frequently throughout the day with new episodes arriving almost every week., funniest hits

” Jelenic told The Washington Post. “I think we wanted to avoid that and at least we’ll have a great cast. The show might be terrible. But at least the casting is great.”,“I think when you reinvent properties there’s this hubris that you have thinking I’m going to do better than the person who made this an iconic property in the first place

the cast became a little confused when all the characters died and became ghosts.,Womens Josh Kline Jersey,The two producers admit it took a little time for the voice cast to adjust to being silly with characters who had previously been serious. While recording an episode in Season 1

but there’s no continuity in the series so the next episode they’ll be fine again. But (the voice cast was) very concerned that they were all dead at the end of each episode and they were like,“We thought we were being edgy, is this what it’s going to be? Are we going to be ghosts?”,” Horvath said. “But it was also just a way to sort of let the audience know that this is a goofy cartoon now. So a character can die

dating back to the original 1980s “The New Teen Titans” comic book run of Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Cartoon Network gave Jelenic and Horvath a lot of freedom to make it more fun.,The DC Comics property had always been serious

well these are your characters and it’s got to be funny and that was pretty much it. So it was up to us to figure out what that meant. It just led to us taking it to more absurd,“We didn’t get a lot of direction from anybody in terms of what it had to be, strange and self-indulgent places.”,” Horvath said. “It was like

Jelenic and Horvath attribute much of the success of “Teen Titans Go!” to a production crew that has been able to produce a new animated episode almost weekly over the past four years.

“We want a break,” Jelenic said with a laugh., but we also don’t want to get canceled

As for the always-popping-up-out-of-nowhere Easter eggs that “Teen Titans Go!” episodes are known for, Jason Todd, Jelenic and Horvath credit art director Dan Hipp, a fan of comics, dying at the hands of the Joker., a Darkseid doll and the bloody button of “Watchmen” in various episodes. The cast’s favorite Easter egg? A crowbar next to an urn in the Batcave, who has slyly placed the “Suicide Squad” version of the Joker, a nod to the second Robin the Boy Wonder

” Horvath said.,“(Dan’s) probably the biggest comic book fan on the crew and probably looks down on the rest of us

Both producers admit that for all the success of “Teen Titans Go!” there are many “hardcore” comic book fans that don’t like the show’s comedic take on some of DC’s most classic characters. But they also are proud that they’re responsible for introducing a lot of young eyes to the world of DC’s heroes.

” Jelenic said.”But at the same time it’s all these younger fans (of “Teen Titans Go!”) who are what’s going to keep comic books going for the next generation.”,“A lot of comic book fans maybe look down at our show for not being so serious

in which they star as animated versions of themselves taking a break from writing,For now, forcing the Titans to write the episode themselves or fade from existence. The pair also recently announced a “Teen Titans Go!” movie arriving in theaters in 2018., Jelenic and Horvath can celebrate Friday’s 200th episode

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