It's not mandatory to take part in any of these activities
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It's all here In NBA 2K22. Although these extracurricular events rarely extend beyond a few cute cutscenes and fetch quests however, they are a welcome addition because a lot of the dialogues and choices touch on life beyond the NBA and what it means to be not just an athlete.

However, a celebrity can have heightened consequences in your behavior. It's not mandatory to take part in any of these activities because you could simply play match after match for better statistics while you grow your level of play, but I do appreciate this sense of depth, scope and the variety.

Unfortunately the MyCareer mode is a victim of several issues that have plagued the series for many years now. As your performance within games is determined by the same grading system used in previous iterations, you will often be penalized for events that are beyond your control. As an example, your opponent may be assigned to protect one particular opponent, however, when confronted by a screen opt to take on the screen and follow your assigned player.

In a random manner, the player assigned to you is switched to the one who was screening you, and they run off towards the other end of the courts, that are now left unsupervised and free. This is the time you're smacked with hefty "leave defensive assignments" and "defensive breakdown" penalties, which can affect your performance, and aren't actually your fault. This isn't an enormous issue but it has remained for long enough to eventually make me mad and cause me to bring it up it here.

Aside from a beefier MyCareer mode, the majority of the modes are essentially the same. Taking over an entire NBA franchise using the MyNBA mode allows you to decide and assign your coaching and front office staff members to better fit the needs and objectives of your team, which I've found to not affect the court on such a meaningful scale.

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