Socialization to play's EXPERIENCE with
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Datum: 28. September 2019 09:35

As a first Day One WoW Classic participant all those years ago. I can say. Being a teenager in grade nine to buy wow classic gold. I immediately destroyed my entire life because of WoW Classic. I fell out of college.... twice. Missing 3 jobs because of raids and"I wanna play more". General all around decision making on my part. But the memories and friendships I made in those years, still hold strong to this day. Found out we lived in precisely the city. Met up after 2 decades of internet play. We're still friends to this day. We've got families, lives, jobs, and yes play games online. While mend my entire life at 21 and I needed to stop cold turkey. I would love to have to re-experience WoW Classic back then now that I'm more mature and also have my priorities straight.

The classic experience from EQ especially, but WoW Classic too, were epic. No folks are bots to you. They do not matter. They are insta-queue-dungeon-spam nothings which come and go as you want. You may solo insta-queue everything and every thing else. That Dev is a joke. Don't understand how he is CEO. No one asked for the BUGS and PROBLEMS from WoW Classic code and engine from yesterday. They're asking for a harder game which needs coordination and socialization to play's EXPERIENCE with. Not a watered down snooze-fest game that puts food in your mouth, holds your hands and wipes your buttocks so that you do have to do more than drool to play with it.

I don't think it will succeed as much as ppl may think. It will not be a entire failure . I've played since day 1 of 2 vanilla. It is over rated. That being said I miss vanilla for those reasons boogie mentions. Having to plan matters, having to travel to far off areas on foot or on slow soil mounts, having to create a group, playing with same server ppl that were just created a community. . Not WoW Classic itself. I prefer today's WoW Classic as a game, but ppl from vanilla to hang with. Now if I could discover the vanilla peeps I played that's something to consider.I'm expecting about 5-6 million. I will enjoy the hell out of WoW Classic as I did in 2005. But I believe the end of this will proves right brack. I know it's a very unpopular opinion but as a business if they don't maintain that 5-6 million brack will be correct and classic will be considered neglect for its investors.

WoW Classic back then was another experience. Modern WoW Classic is watered down with wow gold classic, free epics, no character development in any way. I know a good deal of people are going in assuming it will be just like the old days... but if you're hoping to get a replicated experience of your first time ever going to SM you either need amnesia or never played WoW Classic at the first place. The discovery portion is not likely to be there. Your old friends may not be there.But... are there people playing this? Most certainly. I will not though unless something changes.

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