royal enclosure wear dresses that fall below the knee
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it is clear she holds all the cards.Her face twisted in a scowl, she grabs her partner’s hand and marches him around the stage.He follows her obligingly.It is so very appropriate of what’s to come, I can’t help but laugh.The fascinator was out in full force at the royal wedding in 2011, but the fancy headpiece favoured by Kate Middleton is not welcome at the royal enclosure at the Royal Ascot horse race in June.Organizers said Wednesday that those hoping to rub shoulders with the queen at the horse racing meet would have to stick to hats.RelatedAllen Abel: Rapid Redux just can't loseAllen Abel: Death, drugs and the Sport of Kings’ dark sideIt s the latest in a series of rules aimed at tightening the dress code at Ascot, where organizers have tried to push back against the proliferation of provocative outfits, outrageous accessories and revealing tops.Other rules introduced or reinforced Wednesday include the requirement that women at the royal enclosure wear dresses that fall below the knee and that the men acco.

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