he went at no
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he went at noSet (or Seth as he was sometimes called) was the darkness and every night they would rage war which is how it was said Horus lost one of his eyes. This was how the Egyptians would explain phases of the moon, saying that Horus would be temporarily blinded during an eclipse or the New Moon phase. Some have even claimed that Horus has some of the traits in common with Jesus Christ, like the claim that he was born of a virgin..Become a Redditorand subscribe to one of thousands of communities. NSV: I'm getting there even when I don't want to. I lose weight based off of my diet and by lifting. Cena spent weeks and weeks calling out the Undertaker and got not just defeated, but utterly squashed. Cena desperation to make it onto the Wrestlemania card in a marquee match led to him getting his desires fulfilled in the worst possible way. All of his big talk about legacy, about wanting to make his own path to Wrestlemania, and his constant jabs at the Undertaker unwillingness to fight him culminated in him looking an amateur, far below his opponent level.. supreme yeezy shoes


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