got to get better
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Datum: 25. July 2022 14:32

got to get betterDalton is at his best when he gets a good pre snap read, and he does, for the most part, do a good job of diagnosing defenses before the snap. But that can also get him into trouble if he's not willing to adjust after the snap when his pre snap read isn't accurate. That happened in the play above, and it also happens here..He a great guy. He humble. The things he done speak for themselves. That is a good question, which is exactly how Belichick labeled it when asked during his Monday conference call. I think he'll err on the side of cautiousness with guys who are currently injured, but won't call off the dogs altogether. But rather than me saying it, here is how Belichick answered the question: That's a good question. ATEEZ merch

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