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BEIJING , Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has crafted a unique diplomatic strategy for his country that serves the creation of a community of shared destiny for humankind, observers have said.

The observers made the remarks reacting to "Major-Country Diplomacy," a six-episode political documentary rolled out by China on its diplomatic principles, practices and achievements over the past five years.

"Major-Country Diplomacy" is expected to generate discussion especially outside of China around Xi's vision of a community of shared destiny for humankind, a long-term view of great significance, said David Gosset, a founder of the Europe-China Forum.

"In a sense, a re-interpretation of China's humanistic universalism, it is an invitation to go beyond any form of unilateralism and to look in a creative manner for the ways to better organize our global interdependence cheap air vapormax ," he said.

"China sees itself as a responsible force for the common good, and it is, in many aspects, an indispensable element for a new age of global enlightenment, for a world dream of harmony," he said.

Keith Bennett, the vice chairman of Britain's 48 Group Club, said "his (Xi's) tireless and visionary diplomatic activity is admired, appreciated and closely followed not only by the Chinese people cheap air max 270 , but increasingly by people all over the world as well."

In the face of renewed challenges of protectionism, isolationism, national egoism and hegemony, Xi promotes inclusiveness, shared benefits, win-win cooperation, globalization and development that work for and benefit all, he said.

Highlighting the Belt and Road Initiative, the observer said Xi's speeches on international issues constitute a comprehensive yet practical program to address and resolve the burning issues of the times.

The Belt and Road Initiative cheap air max 95 , put forward by Xi in 2013, is aimed at building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road through concerted efforts of all related countries to benefit all participants by promoting unimpeded trade, financial integration, infrastructure connectivity and closer people-to-people exchanges.

In the Belt and Road Initiative, observers have seen an opportunity to change a reality that developing countries are trapped in a disadvantageous position in the world order.

"The strong do what they want, the weak suffer what they must," said Khairy Tourk, a professor with Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business, quoting an Athenian saying.

"With the Belt and Road Initiative cheap air max 97 , things are going to be different," he said, noting that China is building industrial parks in many developing countries along the routes and is ready to share its advanced technology,like high-speed railway technology with these countries.

Furthermore, under the Belt and Road Initiative, many land-locked countries, such as Kazakhstan and Ethiopia, will be connected to the seas, he said.

The professor added that unlike in some West-dominated multilateral institutions where developing countries do not have any voice and whose agenda is determined by the West cheap air max 90 , the Belt and Road Initiative treats countries as equals.

In the construction of the Belt and Road, the agenda is reached by consensus in an environment of collegiality and friendship, he said.

Speaking highly of China's major-country diplomacy, the observers also underlined that the country has been playing an ever important role on the global arena in both political and economic domains.

China, as the world's second largest economy, is a real model for the developing world, Keith said. No major problem can be solved without China, be it regional hotspots, climate change or the financial crisis.

China is rising cheap nike air max shoes , but it doesn't pose threat to anybody and looks to build bridges with the West, Khairy, the U.S. professor said.

"By behaving in a virtuous way, China can get respect from other countries and will have a win-win outcome between China and them," he said.

China is creating an interconnected world, not only through building infrastructure, but also through people-to-people exchange, Khairy said.

Xi has come to power with not only the economic tools to help expand modernization, but also a modern compass cheap air max shoes , allowing countries to work together to find compromise and consensus, he said.

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Africa is playing an increasingly important role in global tourism, while Senegal is taking the opportunity to attract more tourists, Abdoulaya Ndiaye, technique counselor to the Senegalese tourism minister, has said.

"Africa is an increasingly important force in the global tourism market. The continent is rich in cultural and wildlife resources, while it has majestic scenery cheap nike air max ," Ndiaye said.

Africa is taking advantage of its wildlife resources to create its unique tourism products, while more and more people are attracted to Africa as they search for different experiences and lifestyles.

"It is a global trend that more and more people are travelling in Africa," Ndiaye said, adding that this is becoming part of African people's life.

He said Senegal is stepping up its infrastructure construction in order to provide better service and make travel in Africa more convenient for tourists around the world.

At the ongoing 22nd general assembly of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Ndiaye told Xinhua Wednesday that they hoped to help the world hear Africa and Senegal's voice during the assembly.

"We think this assembly plays a crucial role in strengthening the development of global tourism," the counselor said.

Of all 44 African countries attending the gathering, 36 of them sent their ministers in charge of tourism, "which showed the African countries value this chance very much," Ndiaye said.

According to UNWTO "

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