he is a fierce competitor on defense
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he is a fierce competitor on defenseEmily Kaplan of The MMQB credited McKenzie for moves he made for several seasons (including this one) that showed up big in 2016. Inherited a Raiders team that was, frankly, a mess, and went 11 37 his first three years, Kaplan said. Nomination for McKenzie is as much a marvel of his achievements as it is a reminder that patience, however untrendy in today NFL, can be rewarding.And the Philadelphia Eagles rolled into Seattle with a chance to become the first team this year to clinch a spot in the playoffs.Who came up big and who fell flat?Who helped themselves out and who hurt their chances.Which teams had the best (and worst) performances of Week 13?If I told you all that now, you wouldn't keep reading.And that would make me sad.Week 13 Opponent: vs. Los Angeles RamsScore: Lost 32 16In some respects, the Cardinals deserve a lot of credit this season. Many teams would have folded after losing their star tailback and starting quarterback.But when the Redbirds faced the Los Angeles Rams Sunday in the desert, it was also without their second string quarterback and the running back they acquired to try to replace David Johnson.With Adrian Peterson out with a neck injury and Blaine Gabbert at quarterback for the Cardinals, the results were predictable.After playing well last week against his old team, Gabbert looked a lot more like Blaine Gabbert against the Rams, completing just over half of his passes and tossing two picks. Patriots driver Kraft reveals Hernandez ultra toilet contact

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