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Re: By Wearing High Heels, are These Women ‘Inviting’ Rape?, beach wedding dress letters to the editor, Feb. 27.I would like to ask Judge Robert Dewar to define the “inviting circumstances” that he referred to in his judgment in the case of Kenneth Rhodes. Further, I invite his definition of “sex was in the air.”What kind of messages is he sending to the public, to young and not-so-young men and women?To men, it says that if women want to party, are dressed in a sexy way or consent to kissing or cuddling, then they want sex, and the man may proceed no matter what the woman says. And to women, one can’t help but conclude that the judge has said they won’t be protected by the law if they flirt, drink alcohol or visit a bar. The only way to effectively communicate your lack of consent, says Judge Dewar, is to cover yourself from head to toe and never touch a man affectionately unless you intend to have sex with them. Outrageous.The kind of statements that Judge Dewar made in this case only serve to reinforce the myths and misogynist messages that continue to plague women. As a society, it is our right to expect the judiciary to understand this.

We must not accept these ludicrous responses that put the blame directly back onto the woman. Penny Krowitz, executive director, Jewish Women International of Canada, Toronto.“When you think of the pointed-toe shoe, you think of Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy,” Andrews said. “You think of those very famous fashion icons from the 1960s, but then you tweak it and you make it very 21st century.”There have been small but increasingly bold protests by women who took to wedding gowns 2016 their cars over the past year. The driving ban, which is unique in the world, is imposed because the kingdom’s ultraconservative Muslim clerics say “licentiousness” will spread if women drive.Gina Scaramella, executive director of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, said such photos are a serious invasion of privacy.

She said the law needs to catch up to technology.Rumours have been flying for months that Chelsy Davy will accompany Prince Harry the royal wedding on April 29, but are they rekindling their romance in time for Ms. Davy to be Prince Harry’s valentine?Canada Border Services Agency, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development and the Australian Federal Police assisted with the investigation. THe RCMP would not say if Somali officials were also involved.The barricades surrounding the red carpet heaved as fans pushed to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrities, from Justin Bieber, who sped down the carpet holding his terrified looking little brother, to Cody Simpson, Australia’s answer to Bieber. From the sounds of the shrieking crowd, Simpson definitely has more than a few Canadian fans.Obama’s presidency has also been marked by occasional strains with the Saudi royal family.

Abdullah, the 90-year-old monarch who died Friday, had pressed the U.S. to take more aggressive action to force Syrian President Bashar Assad from power. The royal family is also deeply skeptical of Obama’s diplomacy with rival Iran.“Chretien didn’t speak English very well either,” says Siri Agrell, a vice president at Pilot PMR, a strategic communications agency. “The Chow campaign should have called out the racism inherent in that reaction.”That showed that despite the Stamps having been plundered by injuries this season — bridal gowns starting, of course, with quarterback Drew Tate and continuing throughout the lineup, including a new batch of walking wounded from Friday night’s win — they are not willing to simply play out the string and cross their fingers that they can remain competitive.But, of course, it’s not. Paper is easily destroyed, and a dress made from it is the ne plus ultra comment on fast, throw-away fashion. Although, in a pre-H&M time, producers probably just wanted a cheap wearable canvas on which Andy Warhol could paint soup cans — and he did. Far more beautiful is one he did just for Nico. She laid down on a table while he silkscreened the word “FRAGILE” on her Mars Manufacturing Co. dress; doesn’t it make you wanna cry?Walther Bartoli was Marion’s first coach, largely responsible for her jarring style. She plays aggressively, but isn’t very fast. She hits two-handed off both sides, a strategy Walther Bartoli insisted she master after watching Monica Seles rise to the top of the heap nearly 20 years ago.I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon reading the memoir, and as I progressed along McCarthy’s personal musings and extremely candid story of fear of commitment (he even divulges a moment of strong temptation with a siren in Costa Rica — the description of that scene, of the tension, of her dress, is terrific) and of wrestling with his early fame, I got to thinking about my own relationship with fame (of the people I write about) and what crossing paths with a matinée idol from my youth meant to the grown-up me.

THe RCMP would not say if Somali officials were also involved

Re: I got to thinking about my o
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