to avoid pesticides and other chemical products
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Datum: 19. May 2019 15:52

after 30 minutes, rinse with warm water, and to have a shampoo. it is particularly recommended for dry, brittle and dull. castor oil is the strength, the feed and return the brightness. it is also very popular with frizzy hair. intel bonus

the mask apply to dry hair, to keep all the virtues of castor oil. they can be used for fa? this week. almond oil can be replaced by olive oil, argan oil and coconut oil. [] when choosing a castor oil, it is good to pay attention to its quality. in fact, the castor oil is the same. therefore, it is recommended to choose a pure olive oil, organic cold pressed and, in order to avoid pesticides and other chemical products lace wigs.

if these are the virtues of castor oil on the regrowth of hair is used, it is possible to use pure massage on scalp for 3 times per week, for a month. then, there is a need for a month without the use of castor oil, and then start the messages. []

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