this is the hair that curls around it
geschrieben von: wigshumanhair (IP-Adresse bekannt)
Datum: 28. May 2019 11:09

the closer does not move, this is the hair that curls around it. to the point, if you have a desire to keep it in place. if you do not have this option, let's use the tip to hold the hair real hair wigs in position without you...? 1. wrap the hair out if you want a more natural, wavy. for a more dense and rounded loop, twist it to the position.

the same, choose to keep your device for a horizontal or a result in serrated, and vertically to a circle round, but the volume at the roots. []

let the heat do 6 to 8 seconds. then release the lock it and leave it to stand for a few seconds in the palm of your hand, as long as it cools. this will set the temperature change. don't go away this step because you're in a hurry. so, if you miss a loop cannot take away, let it cool down before you come back.

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