it is ideal to break an electrical hair
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Datum: 31. May 2019 05:44

finally, the lacquer is avoided, because it contains alcohol, which dries the hair and makes them more susceptible to static electricity. alternatively, it is possible to spray the comb for use on wet hair. the best is to select a hairspray contains moisturizers and protective agents. it is ideal to break an electrical hair. []

a few more static electricity is often occurs in winter. why? simply because the air is dry, this season, as well as inside than outside. in the home warm, the heating is switched on and the air dry, the skin and lace wigs hair.

fortunately, there are simple solutions to counter this effect. thus, air humidifiers can be placed in the house or in the office, but you can simply put a bowl of water in the radiator. thus, the water will evaporate and moisten the air.

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