recommended not to have blond hair
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Datum: 03. June 2019 01:40

in all cases, it is recommended not to have blond hair. in contrast to your natural hair color, it would result in too shallow. if you don't want the discoloration, use a scan of one or two shades lighter. []

redhead is recalcitrant to capillary fiber staining. it's not the pigment. results: the color suck easily, and usually, you see a little red réappara reflections. tre. this does not prevent you to get closer to a light brown, knowing that you will under some reflections.

i have white hair, can hang the colour pigments to the salt and pepper, the discoloration may still be necessary if the natural foundation is too dark. for the white hair of a color glueless lace wigs, a home is possible. for a mature skin, clear black officer or iced is elegant as a golden brown.

how to maintain the service. the service does not require maintenance, clear very hard, because its color is easily regardless of the background color. however, it is recommended that you use shampoos and hair conditioners specifically? us for color treated hair, otherwise they are likely to tarnish. to keep your image and your light reflections, chamomile shampoo is suitable.

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