the strawberry blonde
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Datum: 09. June 2019 04:45

you have a skin or mediterranean and dark eyes: brown, green, or blue. a blonde, a little more for copper will be sustained well with your face. you can wear it with a cut short or long hair. you should also be aware that the color will look very pretty on a long or short full lace wigs) and it will add a touch of spice.

the sweeping blond if you have a proper look at, or mixed with black or brown eyes are dark, it is advisable not to opt for a uniform color, blonde. solution: light up your hair with a hair fine scanning, preferably cold. work the color light touch on the tips of the hair, the face and the frame half lengths. []

the holidays approaching, and the famous new year's eve, when we all want to shine among his friends. for that, there's no such thing as a hair to drop. but it is not. that is, it is not always easy to know how to fix her hair. you don't need to take courses to get a haircut. sometimes, explore some very simple ideas.

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