if you have a dark brown to black hair
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Datum: 16. June 2019 15:19

is that okay? the carnations to safely clear the red coloration, dark and warm reflections. the dye will be a "china doll" as beautiful, with big blue eyes, gray or green. if, however, too dark or the violine can highlight the very white skin and the ring looks tired or sick. [www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk]

golden skin and watch will also be enhanced by staining the auburn highlights. if you have brown eyes, the eyes will increase and the features. for the more adventurous, it is also possible to choose a color to the red auburn building considerably.

how can it be achieved? if you have dark brown or black hair, the result is perfect, in a color at home. if your base is naturally blond, you need to be vigilant on the exposure time to avoid the color too dark or even red. for blondes really clear, it is advised to turn to a color for red strawberry blonde highlights more natural.

if you have a dark brown to black hair glueless lace wigs, it will go through a stage of bleaching, so that red and violine reflections are visible, otherwise you may not see much difference with the original color. and when we must go through bleaching, the best is still to go to a professional hair stylist, hair, or will the exact color tone is the best for you and your natural hair color.

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