the right amount of the product
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Datum: 24. June 2019 11:45

apply the product in a small amount and add it in as. don't go in the side, because if you get too much, you can then take it off. then, the card is fat. if you use a foam, or gel, put it in the palm of your hand, and take the field with a comb. if you use cream, spread it in the palm of the hand. []

as a final touch after editing through these thousands of products, you can apply finish, on condition that it does not overload the fibre, good friends? the powder texturisante, texture, lightweight, resulting in swelling and facilitates the cat in roots, for example. or oil, light, discipline, and polished, provided that they make a drop.

maximum efficiency a hair holding and don't hurt the hair buy lace wigs UK, dry hair, use your styler about before and brushée. let the heat at the temperature suitable for your hair, about 150 to 160% if it is dry or sensitive, discolored, or up to 180 degrees is normal, up to 230. if it is curly or frizzy. or thick. keep cool to dress nice.

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