it is suitable for all kinds of hair
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Datum: 27. June 2019 09:19

for louise brooks, the square is every year on the red carpet. a classic off hair stars without restraint. its strengths. it is suitable for all kinds of hair, all ages. in addition, it is just between the two of cups and shoulder - length hair short. in short, the ideal of the undecided. []

help, how the square choose? this season, the side square, there's not really a trend. it is also well fringed, mi long, fragmented, degraded on the top or tapered. but be careful with it, even the shape of your face. here are a few simple rules.

real hair wigs short or long square square. if you want to extend your face, make a square. on the contrary, if you want to refine your jaws, choose a square rather short. the square section, it is perfect if your forehead is broad enough, and if you want to draw attention to your eyes. the square into: to run if your nose is very long, because, when you get a profile, it will tend to increase this effect.

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